Name: Lars Ritzman, born the 11th of April 1958

1. FORMAL EDUCATION Date Degree, Field of Study, Name of Institution ----------- ------------------------------------------------------ 1974-79 Engineer, Mechanic, THG 1979-80 Liable Sergeant, Army, P10 Strängnäs 1980-81 Tech.Programmer, computer s/w, ADB-linjen Malmö (40p.) 2. WORK CHRONOLOGY (EMPLOYMENTS) Experiences: Date Description of Experiences ----------- ------------------------------------------------------ 1981 Fortran programming (trainee), Ångpanneföreningen 1981-1984 IMS systems/application programmer, Ericsson Data 1984-1989 IMS consultant, Entra, Enator (ex Modulföretagen) IMS tech specialist for the BABS/Bankcard, Nordbanken IMS systems programmer, Telia CICS/DB2 systems programmer, Vin & Sprit OPC change team, IBM Nordic Lab 1989-1998 OPC development, IBM lab (NS Division) OPC development & c/t (chief designer), IBM Nordic lab OPC development & c/t, IBM Rome lab (assignment) IMS country support & service engineer, IBM Sweden 1999- IMS consultant, BlueTrue 3. TECHNICAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS Date Special Assignments, Special Projects ----------- ------------------------------------------------------ 1981 - Developed, from A to Z, a new IMS accounting system for Ericsson, 1982 including various types of systems and application programming; IMS and SORT exits (E15, E35), batch, MPP, and BMP programming, logical and physical database design, building PSBs & DBDs as well as MFS and JCL. Plus writing operator and end user documentations. 1982 - Was part of the Ericsson-IBM joint MVS/VSCR project; Implemented 1984 IMS MSC splitting prod systems, MVS/XA migration project, and the I/O reconfiguration project. Technically responsible for setting up and running a new remote non-attended MVS/JES3/IMS site. Was evaluating and implementing Candle's Omegamon/RTA/Epilog for IMS (Ericsson subsequently became Candle's reference site). Implemented a new dataset naming standard for Ericsson. Was responsible for IMS performance & tuning, implemented TPNS and SURF (from Amdahl) for benchmarking, forecasting, and function tests. 1984 - Was PK-banken's IMS technical specialist in the between Sparbanken (now FSB), 1985 PK-banken (now Merita-Nordbanken), and VISA joint bankcard project (BABS). 1986 - A short job for Ericsson Radio doing some Cobol programming on an ICL 1987 running George II (!). IMS responsible (sysprog) for Telia, worked with implementation of DBRC, automation, and various technical training. Coded a number of automation programs for the operations, archive exits, change accum procedures, to allow less frequent backups and IMS running 24/7. Installed new releases of CICS and DB2 for Vin&Sprit, and subsequently "cleaned up" their systems by various trouble shooting and by establishing naming standards and promote procedures. 1987 - IBM Lab in development, working with OPC 3.1, OPC/A, and OPC/ESA. 1995 Member of the Design Review Board. Member of the MVS Council. Was mainly responsible for coding and/or maintaining: scheduling - Workstation Analyzer, SUBmittor task, submit checkpointing event signalling - MVS & JES exits (ACTRT, UJI, U83, EXIT7, UX19, UX29), EQQUSINx, OPSTAT, SRSTAT, dataset close triggering event creation - EQQSSCMx, Event Writer, JCC connectivity - Data Router Task, NCF (VTAM), XCF, Event Reader event processing - Event Manager, Event Handler, ETT 1995 - Skills & product transfer from IBM Nordic Lab -> IBM Rome Lab. Was 1997 training and supporting the IBM'ers, 15 Italian programmers, first three months in Sweden, and subsequently 12 months down in Rome. 1997 - IMS country specialist, mainly handling defects. Participated in non-defect 1998 related activities too: - installation/customization of IMS aimed for Y2K tests - overseas trip with customers to the Santa Teresa Lab, San Jose, for an executive briefing/developers meeting regarding OTMA and ITOC - worked three months with the IMS World Wide support team in the Santa Teresa Lab - was part of a SNA -> TCP/IP migration project - installed/customized/prototyped a TCP/IP link from a VAX/VMS to IMS using OTMA and ITOC - migration of a number of IMS 4.1 systems up to IMS 6.1 - locking overhead/performance studies of IMS, IRLM, and Coupling Facility when running DL/I in n-way data sharing (Sysplex) 4. LEADERSHIP PARTICIPATION Date Description of Leadership Participation ----------- ------------------------------------------------------ 19891028 On-site support (critsit), BNL, Rome, Italy 19901205 On-site support (critsit), IGN, Amsterdam, Netherlands 19931103 On-site support, BNL, Rome, Italy 19950401 Service re-engineering, IBM Raleigh Lab, NC, USA 19960925 On-site support, Sundstrand Rockford, Ill. USA 19980101 IMS WT Support, IBM Santa Teresa Lab, CA, USA 5. AWARDS/RECOGNITION Internal and External Awards/Recognition: Date Type Amount Description of Contribution ----------- ---------- ------- ----------------------------- 1989 cash 600 Establishing MVS on Vicom 1990 gift (vase) Quality award 1991 cash 5000 Vicom work and fast coding 1992 cash 10000 SPA implementation 1993 cash 8000 High quality service (C/T) 1994 cash 67050 Save CPU resources (SSI path-length reduction) 1989 - dinner 8 in Various activities 1998 for two total 6. TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS Internal and External Presentations: Date Description of Presentation ----------- ------------------------------------------------------ 19971215 IMS OTMA (IBM) 19980415 IMS TCP/IP Connectivity (S|E|B) 19980520 IMS TCP/IP Connectivity (Merita-Nordbanken) 19980610 IMS DL/I & IMS e-business (Telia) 19980807 IMS TCP/IP Connectivity (Posten) 19981125 IMS XCF/OTMA/ITOC seminar (FSB) 7. TEACHING ACTIVITY Date Description of Teaching Activity ----------- ------------------------------------------------------ 1995-1996 12 different OPC/ESA internal courses 1996 JES2 in relation to OPC/ESA 1996 JES3 in relation to OPC/ESA 1996 Tracing & debugging techniques (SLIP, GTF, IPCS) 8. TECHNICAL EDUCATION Internal and External Computer Education: Completion Course Course Date Number Course Title Length ----------- -------- ------------------------------- --------- 19800930 ADB-linj. Computersystems, basics 15 19801015 ADB-linj. Operatingsystems, basics 10 19801030 ADB-linj. Systems Analysis, basics 15 19801130 ADB-linj. Programming, basics 30 19801220 ADB-linj. Numerics/Statistics, basics 10 19810120 ADB-linj. Programming, 370-assembler 10 19810205 ADB-linj. Programming, Cobol 10 19810215 ADB-linj. Operatingsystems, advanced 5 19810225 ADB-linj. Systems Analysis, advanced 5 19810330 ADB-linj. Programming, Fortran-77 30 19810430 ADB-linj. Numerical Analysis, advanced 20 19810630 ADB-linj. Programming, Fortran-77(VAX/VMS) 40 19810921 IBM CA12 DL/I Programming 4 19810928 IBM DA05 IBM-Cobol Programming 5 19811203 IBM CA22 DL/I Physical Databases 5 19820326 IBM Norw Developing DB-systems 5 19821025 IBM BD05 MVS Overview 2 19821027 IBM BD40 MVS Structure and Design 3 19821207 IBM BD03 MVS Assembler for Systems Progr. 3 19830216 Amdahl System/370: Architecture 3 19830219 Amdahl System/370: Instructions 3 19830222 Amdahl System/370: Assembler Programming 3 19830311 IBM CA24 IMS DC Installation 5 19830414 IBM 2470 MVS/XA Concepts and Facilities 2 19830428 IBM CB10 SNA/VTAM Overview 3 19831209 IBM BD46 MVS Measurement and Control 5 19831216 IBM CA29 IMS Recovery/Restart 4 19840525 IBM CA19B IMS DC Problem Determination 4 19841109 CACI IMS DB Internals 5 19841116 CACI IMS DC Internals 5 19870116 IBM CA91 SQL Language 2 19870123 IBM CA83 DB2 DB Administration 3 19871201 IBM Lab PLS/PLAS/PLX Programming 10 19910901 IBM Kist ESCON etc 5 19920410 IBM CB65 LU6.2 and APPC 5 19920316 IBM BE58 Additional System topic II, MVS 4 19930510 IBM Lab C Programming Language 3 19940606 LaHulpe MVS/ESA Technical Conference 4 19950116 IBM Lab MVS/ESA WLM Implementation 5 19950912 IBM Kist OS/2 Warp Introduction 1 19970410 IBM UK IMS recovery/restart 3 19970515 IBM Germ IMS Block Lvl Data Sharing 5 19970623 IBM Germ IMS DB internals (PD/PSI) 5 19970701 IBM Germ IMS DC internals (PD/PSI) 5 19971006 IBM Germ IMS OTMA internals (PD/PSI) 2 19980220 IBM SJS VSM debugging techniques 1 19980615 IBM Germ IMS/DB2 Tech. Conference 5 19980821 IBM ES17 Domino Go web server for OS/390 4 9. OTHER Other -------------------------------------------------------------------- Swedish, mother tongue Assembler, fluently English, fluently REXX, fluently Italian, abbastanza PL/X, fluently German, ein bisschen Cobol, good Fortran, good PL/1, alittle C, alittle

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